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Coho Salmon Fillets with Asparagus and Strawberries

Serves 2 1 pkg   Coleson’s Catch Coho Samon Fillets, thawed ¼ c     Dry White Vermouth ¼ c     Chicken Broth 1 tbsp  Tarragon, chopped 12        Asparagus spears 3          Large Strawberries, sliced in circles In a sauté pan, bring the vermouth, broth, and tarragon to a boil. Place the salmon in pan meat-down with the asparagus and cover.  Simmer for 5-8 minutes depending on the thickness of the salmon.  Remove the skin from the salmon and place on a plate and criss-cross the asparagus spears on top and garnish with the strawberries.  Pour the poaching liquid over the top.