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Black Pepper Crusted Scallops on a Stick

Ingredients: 1 pkg Coleson's Catch Scallops 1-2 Tbsp Black Pepper Salt, to taste 1/4 c Dry White Wine 1 tsp Lemon Juice 1 pc Bell Pepper (Your choice of color) 1 pc Red Onion 8 pcs Medium-sized Mushrooms 2-4 Skewers (I really like metal because they don't burn. If you use wood, soak them for a long time in water before using)
Cooking Instructions: Marinate the scallops in the combined mixture of wine, lemon juice, 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper for at least an hour. Cut the vegetables into uniform pieces thinner than the scallops, otherwise the scallops won't touch the grill and won't get good color and charring. If you are anti-charring, then make the vegetables thicker. Blanch the vegetables for a minute to make them pliable so they won't break when the stick goes through them.  Press the scallops individually into the pepper to coat, and skewer them alternately with the vegetables allowing for the flat side of the scallop to be exposed to the grill. At this point, spray them with an anti-sticking product so as not to disturb the pepper and place on a ready grill. Scallops are the most notoriously over-cooked seafood; however, over-cooking destroys them, so just warm them through. Serving Suggestions: Serve with warm or cold bulgur wheat. Additional Comments: A quality peppercorn is a must on this recipe - at the very least it must be a fresh batch and freshly ground. My peppercorns of choice are the superb berry from the Malabar Coast of India: the Tellicherry.